Thursday, July 24, 2008


The HPF, one of the major modern units ot the region, is an available division venture. This unit is spotted (about 5 Km at a distance from Ooty route station) over a sprawling range of over 300 sections of land, close to the Ooty golf-channels on the Ooty-Mysore way. The HPF was introduced by Mrs. Indra Gandhi, Leader, in January, 1967.

This mechanical unit is right now transforming Indu roll pictures which are utilized for taking photos; Indu X-beam pictures, the value of which is recognized to be near the finest in the planet; Indu bromide paper on which photos are printed; and Induaerographic for geographical and defence mapping, streamlined X-beam picture, laser recording picture, Cat picture, exceptional picture for space photography, oscilloscope administer print paper, photograph typesetting paper and extend of chemicals for the picture handling.

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