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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kodanad View Point

Kodanad see indicate is spotted at a tallness of close about 6500 ft. This viewpoint is arranged at a separation of close about 18 kms west of Kotagiri town within the Kodanad Tea homes. Kodanand viewpoint is heaven for the trekkers. The Kodanad viewpoint offers its guests the most drastically staggering and breathtaking delightfulness of Thengumarahada, the tea homes, the Moyar Current and the Bhavanisagar dam's supply. The Moyar canyon is found amidst the Deccan Level and the Nilgiri level, which unites the stream Bhavani opposite the valley.

From the Kodanad viewpoint, one could probably see the spread out of the nation. Be that as it may, one could probably likewise see the brilliant see of the green-covered paddy fields of Tengumarahaada village. Kodanad village is surrounded on a few sides by the slopes. One would be able to likewise like the wonderful see of the Rangaswamy crest and column from the watchtower, which is placed here. The same time as the stormy flavor, frequently the view is concealed in light of the rainstorm mists towering into the sky.

You will without a doubt appreciate the shocking and psyche blowing magnificence of Kodanad viewpoint close to the Kotagiri.